Rosa Kadın Derneği

Rosa Kadın Derneği is a no profit association active in the city of Diyarbakır (South East Turkey) since 2018. The association carries out activities related and promoting gender equality as well as women’s empowerment through a number of collaborations with other institutions, such as local government institutions, trade unions, cultural institutions, lawyers’ associations, etc. Rosa Kadın Derneği works in collaboration with the Diyarbakır Network for combating violence against women: BARO Women’s Rights Center, BARO LGBTI+ Commission, TTB (Turkish Medical Association), KESK Components, TMMOB Women’s Commission, İHD –Human Rights Association, Amed Women’s Commission, BARO Child Rights Center, DAKP (Dicle Amed Women’s Platform), Women Are Strong Together, THRESHOLD (Women’s Platform for Equality).

Several of Rosa Kadın Derneği’s activities focus on Women’s Cinema. The association promotes the activities of female filmmakers, producers and scriptwriters on a yearly basis and organises workshops, seminars and courses on cinema for young women. In 2020 Rosa Kadın Derneği has also co-organised the Filmmoor Women’s Festival (