Giulia Cosentino

Catania, 1990.

Film Director and film researcher, Giulia Cosentino graduated in cinema and visual arts in Rome. After that, she gets an international master in Audio-visual and Cinema Studies at La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, with a specialization in archive research. Currently, she is based in Rome, working as assistant director, screenwriter, archive reasercher and collaborating with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia.


Le Storie che Saremo (ep: Perché scappi?) – 2020

Lui e io – 2019

Wilma Labate

Director and screenwriter. After some experiences in the field of documentaries and after having been assistant director with several Italian authors, in 1990 she realized Ciro il piccolo, a work included in the project “Notti d’Europa” by RaiSat composed by thirteen episodes dedicated to as many European cities. Since then, she has always measured herself against documentary narrative: Lavorare stanca (1997), presented at Locarno; Genova. Per noi (2001); Lettere dalla Palestina (2003), presented at the Berlin Forum; Maledetta Mia (2003) presented at the Venice Film Festival. For the cinema she realizes: Ambrogio (1992), La mia generazione (1996) with which she obtains many recognitions and the nomination to represent Italy at the Oscar, Domenica (2001), Signorina Effe (2007), presented in Turin. As a screenwriter she writes La pecora nera (2010) with Ascanio Celestini.


Ciro il piccolo – 1991

Ambrogio – 1992

La mia generazione – 1996

Genova. Per noi – 2001

Un altro mondo è possibile – 2001

Domenica – 2001

Lettere dalla Palestina – 2003

Maledetta mia – 2003

Signorina Effe – 2006

Qualcosa di noi – 2014

Raccontare Venezia – 2017

Arrivederci Saigon – 2018

Irene Dionisio

Turin, 1986.

She lives in Turin and works between Turin and Rome as director, scriptwriter and visual artist. She received her BFA in 2011 in Philosophy of Art and History from Turin University, and her MFA in 2013 in Cinema and Philosophy from UPJV, Amiens University.

She completed her formation with directors Marco Bellocchio, Daniele Segre (Fare Cinema – Bobbio), Alina Marazzi (IED – Milan), as part of the collective of public art curators a.titolo, which produced her documentaries and video installation.

Her artistic production includes video installations and documentaries. Sponde – Nel sicuro sole del nord (2015) and La fabbrica à piena. Tragicommedia in otto atti ( 2011) were presented in many international festivals, such as Torino Film Festival, Visions du Réel, Festival dei Popoli, Open Roads – Lincoln Center, ecc and awarded, among others, with the Scam Prize (Fr), the Solinas Prize (It) and the Jury Prize of Cine Verité in Iran (Ir). She is represented as author and flmmaker by the agency Sosia e Pistoia, Rome.

Her video installations exhibited at CACG – Genève, Palazzo Grassi – Venice, Rivoli Museum, Pac – Milan, Berardo Museum – Lisbon, National Museum of Cinema and MamBo – Bologna, and also in many other international galleries. She is represented by Moitre Gallery, Turin.

Her first feature flm, Le ultime cose (2016) premiered at Venice International Film Critics Week and was awarded with Silver Ribbon for Best Screenplay and fnalist for the David di Donatello and Globo d’Oro Award – Best Debut Film

She was for three years artistic director of the LGBTQI flm festival “Da Sodoma a Hollywood”, now known as “Lovers”, organized by the National Museum of Cinema in Turin.

She taught courses at Teatro Stabile in Turin, Scuola Civica in Milan, Head in Ginevra, Cinelabs, Aiace, IAAD and at Museum of Rivoli. This year she won the Bertolucci Prize and the American Dream Fellowship for Artist.


A.B.O. Transitando – 2021
Camera Chiara – 2020
Le Storie che Saremo (ep: Mondo nuovo) – 2020
Le Ultime Cose – 2016
Sponde. Nel Sicuro Sole del Nord – 2015
Il Canto delle Sirene – 2013
Ufficio Nuovi Diritti – 2013
La Fabbrica e’ Piena – Tragicommedia in Otto Atti (The Factory Is Full: A Tragicomedy in eight Acts) – 2011
Sur les Traces de Lygia Clark, Souvenirs et Evocations des ses Années Parisiennes – 2011
Fières d’être Pute – 2010

Claudia Tosi

Modena, 1970.

She studied at the University of Bologna, as a Philosophy major. She has worked as a creative documentary filmmaker since 2003. In 2004 she founded Movimenta, production company based in Carpi (Modena) specialized in international co-production of social documentaries.In 2011 she has attended EAVE as a writer, Eurodoc in 2012, in 2014 IDFA Academy, in 2015 Berlinale Talents – Doc Station and EWA’s MRSTP (Multiple Revenue Stream Training Program).

She realized several award-winning documentaries for cinema ant TV.

Her film I Had a Dream (2018) after winning international prizes such as Golden Dove, FIPRESCI Award and Interreligious Jury Award at DokLeipzig 2018 was in competition for the Oscar, category Documentary.


I Had a Dream – 2018

The Perfect Circle – 2015

Mostar United – 2009

Building the winter games – 2006

Private Fragments of Bosnia – 2004

Elif Yiğit

Elif Yiğit

Diyarbakır, 1994

Born in Diyarbakır in 1994. She lives in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Radio and Television Department in 2015. She continues her education in Istanbul University Art History Department.

Assistant director in Doğu Yakası by Harun Durmuş, she also worked in Ozan Çağlar’s Film Mersin, Orçun Benlinin’s Film Ver Kaç, Emre Akay’s Film AV theHunt, Yücel Yolcunun Movie Kafalar Karışık, Mecit Güvenin’s Documentary Series Legends of War, Hissen Hassan’s film, BukaBarane, Gıtta Gsell’s film Beyto, Recep Bozgöz’s Film Enden Korkmana Gerek Yok, Arin İnan Aslan’s film Beder.


Heskif (Hasankeyf) – 2021

LîstikênBêSînor (Unlimited Games) – 2019

Lisa Çalan

Lisa Çalan

Diyarbakir, 1987

High school graduate. Aram Tigran City Conservatory, Department of Cinema.

Lisa was one of the 10 children of a Kurdish family. Her childhood was marked by the state oppression of the Kurds in Turkey. After graduating from high school, she dropped out of school, refusing to continue her education in Turkish instead of her mother tongue.

Lisa was determined to make movies in Kurdish and she studied cinema at the Aram Tigran City Conservatory, which was established by Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality with courses taught in Kurdish. Unfortunately, the conservatory was closed by the state-assigned mayor in 2016.

During the two year spent at the Conservatory, she became closer to the stories of Kurdish geography and her perspective moved forward with the story and struggle of Kurdish women. She was inspired by the villages and cities she visited, and started to take part in political documentaries on war events and the forced displacement of the Kurds. Yet again, she became a member of the Middle East Cinema Academy in Diyarbakir and took part in the academy’s festivals and projects.

On June 5, 2015, she lost both of her legs as a result of a bomb attack carried out by ISIS which targeted HDP’s (Peoples’ Democratic Party) election rally in Diyarbakir and survived with serious injuries. She was forced to pause her cinema-related projects for a few years as she undertook the rehabilitation process that allowed her to walk again. After six years of medical and economical struggles she started making movies again using prosthetic legs, which required a new form of learning. During this period, she has been working as an activist fighting for justice for disadvantaged groups as well as the ISIS cases.

Lisa recently used virtual reality (VR) to make a short film, and her personal story became the subject, with Virtual Reality revealing itself as the perfect medium to recreate the daily reality of living with two prosthetic legs.


Siseban – Script and Director – 2021

Kendini Yaratan Kelebek (The butterfly that creates itself) – Co-Director – 2021

Zimanê Çîya (The Language of the Mountains) – Script and Director – 2014

Mardin Çerçi Film Festival – Organiser – 2015

Batman Film Festival – Jury Member – 2014-2015

Eşartî (Hidden / Hidden) – Acting, Art Direction, Dubbing – 2014

Ref (Neutral) Series (13 episodes) – Artistic Director – 2014

The Night’s Watch – Director’s Assistant – 2014

Notebook – Art Director, Sound – 2013

Şewat (Burning) – Sound – 2013

Sheikh Sait Rebellion – Sound – 2013

Dengê Kolenen (Voice of the Street) – Sound and Editing – 2013

Ahu Öztürk

Ahu Öztürk

Istanbul, 1976

She graduated from Ege University with a degree in Philosophy. She completed a master’s degree in Film and Television at Marmara University in 2002 and has been working on various film projects since 2000. Ahu is one of the five film makers of the omnibus film Tales from Kars (2010). She is screenwriter and director of the short film called Open Wound. Open Wound has been shown in many international film festivals such as Rotterdam, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Sarajevo, Beirut. Her first feature film Dust Cloth was premiered at Berlinale Film Festival Forum Section. Awards received include Istanbul film festival Best Film, Best Script, Best Actress; Nurnberg Turkish-German film festival, Best Film, Best Actress; Duhok film festival Best Script, Best Director, Best Actress; Napoli film festival Best Film, Brasil International Women Film Festival Best Film.


Dust Cloth – 2015

Open Wound – 2010

Chest – 2004

Güliz Sağlam

Güliz Sağlam

She is an independent documentary filmmaker and a video-activist. Her work consists of independent documentaries on social issues like immigration, female workers’ strikes and resistance from different parts of Turkey, as well as solidarity campaigns of women’s organizations with female workers’ resistance movements and the encounters between feminism, female labor and peace activism by women.

She documents the campaigns and demonstrations of feminist movement’s and women’s initiative for peace. She is involved in the organization of Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days. She takes part in different video-activism collectives. Her films have been screened internationally at various film festivals. Her first feature documentary film A Dream School in the Steppes has received many awards, including Best Documentary Award of 47th Film Critics Association of Turkey, 9th Boston Turkish Documentary and Short Film Competition and 7th Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days FIPRESCI Award.


Remember the March (Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema’s Looking Outside video series) – 2020

As the Water Rises Producer: Aljazeera Turkey – 2015

A Dream School in the Steppes Producer: Ilker Berke – 2014

As If We Were Equal (with the book As If We Were Equal) -2012

The Zone Producers: Güliz Sağlam – Feryal Saygılıgil – 2010

Women on Strike Producers: Güliz Sağlam – Feryal Saygılıgil – 2010

Like a Bird in a Cage Producers: Güliz Sağlam – Feryal Saygılıgil – 2009

Far Away From Home Production: Sepia Film (Germany-Turkey) – 2004

Rezzan Bayram

Diyarbakır, 1990

Between 2011-2018, she was an editor at the Middle East Cinema Academy. She took part in the festival committee of Yılmaz Güney Kurdish Short Film Festival, AxTamara Van Film Festival, International Amed Film Festival.

Rezzan was in the editing team of the TV series Ax û jiyan, Ref and Malino, as well as for the movie 14 July, by Hasim Aydemir. She was in the production team of a documentary about Amed prison. In 2018, Rezzan shot her first short film, Pace. In 2019, she did editing and camera work for Lizge Production, mainly for TV shows.


Ax u Jîyan (series) -Editing

Malino (series) -Editing

14 Temmuz (Long)

Neqş (short film) -Editing

Pace – 2017