Lili Marsans

Barcelona 1978

She studied photography, film and creative documentary.

She is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Her work transits between documentation, art, activism and the vision of the world that surrounds her through images. His audiovisual career combines various fields such as photography, documentary film, real-time visuals (vj), audiovisual scenography, flipcopes, underwater camera, birth filming and super 8, in a continuous flow between the intimate and the public, the day to day and the event prepared, generating common places in a continuum of visions that end up intertwining and drawing a common place.

She is part of the Gracia Territori Sonor team (LEM festival), an International Meeting of Experimental Music of Gràcia-Barcelona with a history of 26 years of existence, a collaborator in El observatorio de Video No Identificado – OVNI, a research project that focuses on the analysis and critic of contemporary culture, and at Donestech, a group that investigates and intervenes in the field of women and new technologies. She has collaborated with the Cooperativa de Técniques, a feminist self-employment project.


La Pinya – 2021 (editing)

Identidades híbridas – 2019 (Exibithion Goethe Institute Bcn)

Postals Sonores – 2018

Foliscopis – 2015

Subacuatics mums – 2014

Fibonacci Project – Barcelona 2009 (Audiovisual scenography)

Caja Cerrada – 2008 (Assistant director/2nd camera/edit)

Fotopsia-Aérica – 2005 (Vj)

Mun2uterinos – 2003