Wilma Labate

Director and screenwriter. After some experiences in the field of documentaries and after having been assistant director with several Italian authors, in 1990 she realized Ciro il piccolo, a work included in the project “Notti d’Europa” by RaiSat composed by thirteen episodes dedicated to as many European cities. Since then, she has always measured herself against documentary narrative: Lavorare stanca (1997), presented at Locarno; Genova. Per noi (2001); Lettere dalla Palestina (2003), presented at the Berlin Forum; Maledetta Mia (2003) presented at the Venice Film Festival. For the cinema she realizes: Ambrogio (1992), La mia generazione (1996) with which she obtains many recognitions and the nomination to represent Italy at the Oscar, Domenica (2001), Signorina Effe (2007), presented in Turin. As a screenwriter she writes La pecora nera (2010) with Ascanio Celestini.


Ciro il piccolo – 1991

Ambrogio – 1992

La mia generazione – 1996

Genova. Per noi – 2001

Un altro mondo è possibile – 2001

Domenica – 2001

Lettere dalla Palestina – 2003

Maledetta mia – 2003

Signorina Effe – 2006

Qualcosa di noi – 2014

Raccontare Venezia – 2017

Arrivederci Saigon – 2018